Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1993 - 2005 Total harvest per square mile by area

This map is a map I made from the data that the MN DNR has made available through the DNR data deli. It is a color coded map of the deer harvest from 1993 to 2005 with the the darkest blue areas being the areas that have had the lowest harvest per square mile and the reddest areas having the highest harvest per square mile. The progression is from dark blue to yellow to dark red. Typically dark blue areas 0-3 deer are harvested per square mile each year while the darkest red area has between 10 -12 deer harvested per square mile each year. Also the deer areas have changed over time so for some of the areas that are shown on the map there may be multiple colors.

Click on the map to get a high resolution version. I offer this map for free for anyone who wishes to use it for non commercial purposes all other rights reserved.

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