Friday, September 28, 2012

The best public land map for SW minnesota I have found

Recently I became aware of a relativity new set of land available for public hunting, last year was the first year, and in learning about it came across this wonderful map/atlas from the MN DNR. The new type of land is the Walk-in-Access sites which are private land that was enrolled in the walk in access program to allow public hunting. There are special rules for these lands but and they are limited now but the DNR is trying to expand the program. The map is quite good (still not as good as the maps I am working on) as it shows the WMAs, AMAs, and the new WIAs (walk in access) sites in south west Minnesota. If you want more information the WIAs you can find it here on the MN DNR's site or just go directly to the atlas (it prints nicley on 8.5"x11" paper).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A better Minnesota Public land map

Well I went and looked back at some of my previous posts and people seem to really like the public land map I had previously posted. I am actually kind of embarrassed by it now as that was one of my first attempts at making a map. So today I decided to create a new public land map of the entire state.
The color scheme is similar to previous maps with:
  • Darker green - State forest
  • Light green - county land
  • Dark green with a light green outline - military base
  • Magenta/ping - Indian reservation
  • Bright yellow - Federal land
  • Pale yellow/pale tan - Federal WPA
  • Bright orange/tan - WMA
  • Dark blue - AMA
  • Light blue - Walk in Access (private land open to public hunting)
  • Purple - SNA
  • Red - State Park

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pheasant Prospects 2012

Well it has been a while since I have updated this blog, sorry bout that.

Well now that I am finished with that on to some good news. Recently the MN DNR published their August roadside survey and pheasant prospect map. It appears that the mild winter and drier summer has produced good results and that the pheasant population is starting to rebound from the previous years. There are still large swaths of poor area but unlike last year there are a few good areas instead of just the one near New Ulm. The fair areas have also expanded but as mentioned earlier there still is a large portion of poor areas.

Also this year I stopped at the DNR building at the MN State Fair and looked at the various offerings they had there. The best find was their printed "Wildlife Lands 2011" maps which are about the size of the state highway map but each one only covers half of the state. These show the location of all of the WMAs in the state and there is one for southern Minnesota as well as one for northern Minnesota. You can download them here:

Granted these maps don't show all of the various lands open to public hunting but do show the locations of WMAs and would be worthwhile to get a paper copy.

Also I was looking at the 2012 hunting & trappings regulations books and saw an advertisement for a free map of public hunting land in SW Minnesota, Marshal area, and took a look. It appears that the map is a cut down one of the DNR provided Wildlife Lands Southern Minnesota 2011 map. The only nice thing is that they have a google maps overlay to view the same info. It isn't great but it is better than nothing.

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