Saturday, August 29, 2009

detailed topo maps

Now that we know how to get to places you might want to know what the land is like in a given area. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) provides this information for free on their web site. From this page at the USGS web site you can download all of the current USGS topo maps in a PDF format. If you would prefer to have a paper map you can order one from the USGS from the like provided above but depending on what area you want to look at this may require multiple maps. So if you are interested in obtaining a custom topo map I would suggest this site ( as I have been pleased with the maps I have ordered from them as you can get them on waterproof paper (more of a plastic paper) that has held up well out in the woods.

I am in no way affiliated with but have used their products and have been happy with the results since they offer better prices than Kinko's does and I was able to get what I wanted without talking to a stupid highschooler who didn't know anything.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How do I get there

Since most of the maps that I have been providing have been large area hunting specific maps this post is meant to be one that isn't specific to hunting but should be useful for getting there. This link is to the Minnesota DOT highway map that is published every 2 years. This is a pdf map and is about 5MB. If you are not interested in the whole map you can download smaller sections of the map at this page from the MNDOT web page. If you would like a paper map you can usually pick on up at the first rest stop inside minnesota along an interstate, I usually pick mine up on the one on 94 comming in from Wisconson. You can also request a free map by calling the Minnesota Office of Tourism at 651/296-5029 or by sending an e-mail to

Monday, August 10, 2009

New 2009 hunting regs and deer map

Well it has been a while since I last posted but it has been busy so I haven't been able to get to anything that I have wanted to do until now. I checked and the new MN hunting regulations are out as is this year's deer zone map. The new hunting regulations can be found here at that MN DNR website or picked-up where you buy your license. The 2009 firearm deer zone map can be found here at the MN DNR website. One thing that I noticed on the deer zone map is that there appears to be a new type of limit zone where as before there were only the following 5:
  1. lottery (1 deer, lottery for anterless)
  2. managed (2 deer, either sex)
  3. invasive (5 deer, either sex)
  4. no limit anterless (bovine TB area and Twin cities metro area)
  5. closed (Red Lake Indian Reservation )
This year however there is a new type of zone that appears in south western Minnesota. It is labeled as "Youth Antlerless Only - 1 deer limit" and are the yellow areas on the the 2009 deer zone map. From reading the text on the map it sounds like these areas only youth are allowed to apply for anterless permits but that is done by lottery. Those youth who don't get selected and all adults are only allowed one buck. This is only my interpretation of what is written there and you should consult the official MN hunting and trapping regulations for 2009. This is covered in section "STATEWIDE ANTLERLESS DEER INFORMATION" on page 70 which contains information on all of the anterless lottery information. I am not too concerned as I do not hunt these areas, but it may be of interest to others so I point it out.

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