Saturday, August 29, 2009

detailed topo maps

Now that we know how to get to places you might want to know what the land is like in a given area. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) provides this information for free on their web site. From this page at the USGS web site you can download all of the current USGS topo maps in a PDF format. If you would prefer to have a paper map you can order one from the USGS from the like provided above but depending on what area you want to look at this may require multiple maps. So if you are interested in obtaining a custom topo map I would suggest this site ( as I have been pleased with the maps I have ordered from them as you can get them on waterproof paper (more of a plastic paper) that has held up well out in the woods.

I am in no way affiliated with but have used their products and have been happy with the results since they offer better prices than Kinko's does and I was able to get what I wanted without talking to a stupid highschooler who didn't know anything.

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