Friday, October 5, 2012

Deer Area 601 public land

One of my new readers appears to have shown an interest in deer area 601 which is the metro deer area. While there are limited areas available for public hunting there are some. There is a fair amount of county land available but that is mostly county parks and if hunting is allowed there are a number of restrictions on it. Also even the WMAs and AMAs in this area have restrictions that you will need to be aware of before actually hunting them. So below is a map I create that covers almost all of deer are 601. This one actually includes roads, lakes and rivers to help you better identify where you are.

The color scheme is similar to previous maps with:
  • Light green - county land
  • Magenta/ping - Indian reservation
  • Bright yellow - Federal land
  • Pale yellow/pale tan - Federal WPA
  • Bright orange/tan - WMA
  • Dark blue - AMA
  • Light blue - Walk in Access (private land open to public hunting)
  • Purple - SNA
  • Red - State Park


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