Sunday, September 23, 2012

A better Minnesota Public land map

Well I went and looked back at some of my previous posts and people seem to really like the public land map I had previously posted. I am actually kind of embarrassed by it now as that was one of my first attempts at making a map. So today I decided to create a new public land map of the entire state.
The color scheme is similar to previous maps with:
  • Darker green - State forest
  • Light green - county land
  • Dark green with a light green outline - military base
  • Magenta/ping - Indian reservation
  • Bright yellow - Federal land
  • Pale yellow/pale tan - Federal WPA
  • Bright orange/tan - WMA
  • Dark blue - AMA
  • Light blue - Walk in Access (private land open to public hunting)
  • Purple - SNA
  • Red - State Park


Michael said...

What program did you make this map with?

I'd love to get a copy of the source if you were willing.

I'm in some GIS classes right now and this would be fun to play with.

Bob the super hamster said...

The main program used for rendering the map was uDig. You can download it here

I did some of the preprocessing using GRASS GIS which you can find here.

Bob the super hamster said...

Also I have never taken a GIS or cartography course but decided to sit down and teach my self as I was not very pleased with the maps available for hunters. I would describe my self as being more of a advanced amateur when it comes to this. I would also suggest checking out if you want to get involved with an open source mapping project. I contribute a lot of things to the data set there.


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